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Relationship Counseling in Westfield, NJ

With the divorce rate in our country higher than it has ever been, it is no wonder that so many people turn to counseling services to assist with their relationship problems. At Westfield Center for Counseling & Human Development based in Westfield, New Jersey, we offer exceptional relationship counseling for married couples, unmarried, couples, and families in general.
Relationship Counseling Westfield Center for Counseling & Human Development Westfield, NJ

Relationship Counseling

Married couples often need to go back and address issues that have been buried in the past. New couples sometimes need a different viewpoint to better understand the problems with their current relationship. For family counseling, we focus on communication within the family and how children both young and old deal with stress and other problems their family is going through.

Divorce Counseling

When couples begin to consider divorce, it is normal to give their relationship one last shot by coming to divorce counseling. We will first determine if the marriage can be saved, and then discuss what each person needs to do to save it.
Westfield Center for Counseling & Human Development also provides counseling on how to pursue divorce without seriously hurting the other partner or the children in the family. These are always trying times that often require the expertise of an experienced therapist.
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